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The initiative to start the Young Readers Foundation came in 2018 from an author, in a small language area, who saw that it was very difficult for certain publishers to keep their heads above water in an increasingly shrinking market. He also noticed that young people had little interest in reading books. He wanted to do something about that and that’s why he decided to set up an organization that would tackle this problem. This is about how it all started.


King Baudouin Foundation

However, setting up an organization requires an official structure. As soon as you receive financial resources, you must declare these to the tax authorities. This means taking a business form and keeping accounting. There was a cost involved that was not feasible for him. He therefore decided to contact the King Baudouin Foundation who had more experience with such initiatives.

This official charity that was founded by, and bears the name of, the former Belgian King Baudouin, and supports worldwide initiatives that contribute to, among other things, the improvement of the living conditions of the fellow man.

Because promoting the mental well-being of young people ultimately contributes to a better society, this project was acceptable for this foundation, but there were some conditions attached to it. For example, the author had to guarantee that it was possible to raise funds of at least 10,000 euros each year for three consecutive years each year. This is to ensure that the initiative is supported by many people and not become a one-day enterprise.


MaryDes Designs Ltd.

Because he himself had no idea whether this was feasible and because, in anticipation of certainty, he would still have to set up a legal structure, he told his experience to the CEO of MaryDes Designs Ltd. A design company that had designed his book cover and with which he had become a good friend. The Irish company MaryDes Designs creates book covers, book trailers and websites worldwide for authors and publishers. Through their day-to-day contact with publishers all over the world they knew the problem only too well and they immediately had an insight into some areas that would qualify for such a project.

They therefore proposed to him, while awaiting the assignment of this project to the King Baudouin Foundation, to take on the management for the time being and to arrange the accounting and official obligations. To make a good start, they also created this website and some promotional material for free.

The Young Readers Foundation was able to officially start in August 2018 and started collecting funds for its activities by means of a Crowd Funding.

Without any doubt, the Young Readers Foundation pursues a noble goal that can be fully supported by each of us.


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